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Robert McDonald owns and operates Dancing Star Farms in Imler, Pennsylvania, a diversified farm operation specializing in beef cattle and heirloom seed corn production. Along with his wife, Sherri, and their family, Robert strives to raise unique varieties of open-pollinated corn for farmers and surrounding distilleries.

Dancing Star Farms was founded as a 175-acre dairy farm in 1960 by Robert’s parents, Roy and Jean McDonald. Robert has worked with his parents on the farm for over 50 years. His passion for growing corn began when he planted corn seed in his sandbox when he was 5 years old. Two additional farms were purchased to accommodate the growing needs of the dairy farm, bring the total acreage to 700. Due to the challenging economics of the dairy industry in 2010, the farm began producing beef and corn.

Heirloom corn was first harvested in 2011 from 2 pounds of corn seed planted in the garden. This began Robert’s passion for different types of heirloom corn. Today he grows twelve different varieties of corn on 175 acres. Robert’s heirloom corn is grown and distilled throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Dancing Star Farms is the first farm in Pennsylvania to grow and harvest this rye in over fifty years. His isolated location will maintain the purity of the seed and keep Keystone Rosen rye a reliably available grain in the future.

Dancing Star Farm | Robert and Sherri McDonald
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